Internet Marketing In An Hour A Day

Published on Nov 13, 2013

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0:01 Manage your time: you can’t do this totally but you can certainly catch yourself when you get distracted and can learn to focus better

0:47 Work with your strengths: this just makes sense! Working with your strengths in internet marketing (or anything else) means you’ll do more and you’ll enjoy it more, which comes across in everything you do

1:14 Stay in control of your main sites: it’s tempting to use free sites but they can change their policies or focus or even stop altogether. It doesn’t cost much to pay for hosting and domains and you’ll be in control of your destiny

2:08 Keep to your schedule: this is important. It’s easy to let things slip. Do your best to keep to your internet marketing schedule as much as possible

3:20 Choose what to promote: you need a subject that people want to learn more about. And not one where everyone just expects freebies

4:11 You need products to sell and people to sell them to. Check places like Amazon – if there’s more than a page or so of results, there’s almost certainly a market for the products

5:04 Stop dreaming and actually start! Otherwise internet marketing will stay a dream. Starting also triggers the part of your brain that nags you and keeps you going on your project

5:29 Monetize your site from day one. It’s easier to add links when you’re creating posts and pages on your site rather than going back and amending hundreds of pages in a year’s time when your traffic has started to build up. And you might even get the occasional sale as a bonus!

6:06 Don’t wait until everything is perfect. It will never be perfect – nothing ever is. Start with “good enough” and keep at least at that level – it will be fine and any nit pickers should go away and do it better themselves (but they never will)

6:35 Promote your new site – use videos like this one, articles and guest posts, Tweets, links on Facebook, pins on Pinterest, etc. Anywhere you can promote your site without spamming

7:02 Keep an eye on your results. Not an obsesive eye, just a glance every now and then. If you can set up an occasional email that tells you a few stats, that’s good. Just don’t use checking your results as an excuse to not actually do any work

7:48 Don’t expect overnight results. They may happen but they’re rare. Most of the time, internet marketing takes time. That’s actually good as it puts a lot of people off – use it to your advantage!
You can get a series of videos that go into this in much more depth here:

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